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New Album
Enigma - Carlo Luzi
Deneb Records - DNB 1081

Carlo Luzi

I am always been fascinated by video linked to music. I think that image & music is a wonderful marriage. I am known for create nostalgic melodies and enigmatic sound structures


I work on various projects, always ambient genre: the reconstituted group "Terra della Sera" - "Sera Siderea" a dark ambient project - the solo project "Acheloo"

    Visit me on the main music libraries

    My catalog is aimed at videomakers, game developers, and marketing agencies looking for non-exclusive production music. If you fall into any of these categories, you've come to the right place! My catalog offers a wide selection of unique music tracks that continues to expand through our daily updates. Below, I have listed the various marketplaces where you can find our music. Some of them offer subscription-based services, while others allow you to purchase individual licenses on demand.